Eldine Broder1

ID# 4565, (c 1925-)
2nd great-granddaughter of James Broder
1st cousin 1 time removed of Faye Louise Doyle
Descendants of James Broder
Descendants of George Cuffe
     Eldine Broder's birth name was Eldine McGlashan.1 She was born about 1925 at Alaska.1 She was the daughter of Harold Broder and Mabel Octella Hallberg.1 She and her brother Christopher Nicolas McGlashan were adopted by Harold Broder and Mabel Octella Hallberg about 1930 at , Alaska. Their biological father, Nicolas McGlashan, was first mate on a king crab fishing boat when their mother died. Being unable to care for them, Nicolas adopted them out with the stipulation that he could see them at any time.1
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