Siegel Abishai Buckberrough1

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Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Siegel Abishai Buckberrough was born on 4 February 1872 at Windham Twp, Norfolk County, Ontario.1 He was the son of James Coleman Buckberrough and Rachel Smith.1 He married Emily Anne Wilcox on 17 August 1904 at Hartford, Townsend Twp, Norfolk County, Ontario. (notes: 013297-04 Townsend Twp., Norfolk Co. 17 Aug 1904 Siegal Abishai Buckberrough, 32, bachelor, college professor, residing Wichita, Kansas, born Ontario. Parents James C. Buckberrough and Rachel Smith. Emma Anne Wilcox, 34, spinster, residing Hartford, born Hartord, Ontario. Parents Isaac B. Wilcox and Elizabeth K. Burke. Witnesses Isaac A. Wilcox and John H. Wilcox, both of Hartford, Ontario. At Hartford, Ontario. Clergyman Rev. B.W. Merrill. The bride and groom were Baptists.).1 He died in 1946.1 He was buried at Hartford Baptist Cemetery, Townsend Twp, Norfolk County, Ontario.1 Birth reg. 015242-72 Windham Twp., Norfolk Co. 4 Feb. 1872, Sigal Buckborough, s/o James C. Buckborough, farmer, and Rachel Smith.

Siegal's marriage registration gives his full names as Siegal Abishai Buckberrough. Siegal is consistent with later census information. It is evident from his marriage registration that he resided in Wichita, Kansas, at the time of his marriage. Census information,which varies, places his immigration into the U.S. in 1904 or 1902. Confusingly, Emma's residence in the U.S. is said to have been from 1893.

By the 1910 census, Siegal and Emma are in Evanston, Illinois. They show no children at the time. There, he is shown as a high school teacher. By 1920, they have a daughter Elizabeth, age 10, born in Illinois. In 1920, they are still in Evanston and Siegal is still a high school teacher. In 1930, they are still in Evanston and Siegel is shown as a public school teacher. In 1938, Mr. and Mrs. S. Buckburough of Chicago attend the Buckburough-Wilcox family Reunion. In 1945, the Simcoe Reformer shows Dr. S.A. Buckborough of Chicago visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Wilcox. Since Emily is not mentioned in the article, it would appear that by 1945 she is deceased. It seems reasonable to assume that the Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Wilcox referred to in the 1945 Simcoe Reformer article are Emily's brother Isaac A. Wilcox and his wife.

The 1881 census at Windham Twp., which has the family name Buckborro, shows Siegel as Abysa and shows him as a female. Other records make clear that this is an error.

Siegel and Emily may or may not have have died in Illinois, but they are buried in Hartford Baptist Cemetery in Township. Members of Emily's Wilcox and Burke families are buried there.1

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Child of Siegel Abishai Buckberrough and Emily Anne Wilcox


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