Mary Jane Barlow1

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Mary Jane Barlow|b. Dec 1854|p1048.htm|John Barlow|b. 1826|p1045.htm|Ann Newels|b. 1830\nd. 2 May 1898|p1046.htm|||||||||||||
     Mary Jane Barlow was born in December 1854 at Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire, England.1 She was the daughter of John Barlow and Ann Newels.1 She married John Curry. (notes: Where or how John and Mary met and married is unknown. No Canadian marriage for them has been found. We only know of them through information provided by a border crossing for brother William Barlow in 1912.).1 Not much information has been found about the lives of the children of John Barlow and Ann Newels, but we have some assistance in the case of Mary Jane. Her brother William Barlow travelled from Galt on January 6, 1912, to Buffalo. We have a record of his border crossing and he states that he is en route to visit his sister Mary Curry of 18 Morley Street in Buffalo. Mary and John first appear in Buffalo in records thus far found in the 1880 census. They are at 18 Morley Street in the 1900 census. They have not been found in the 1910 census, but Mary, by this time a widow, is at 18 Morley Street in the 1920 and 1930 censuses. The list of her children is taken from the 1900 census. Daughter Mary is with her during all these years, though in later years she is called Molly.

According to the census record, the children of John and Mary were born in New York State, and this is how they are shown in this tree. Most likely, they were all born in Buffalo.

Mary Jane's birth name was registered as Mary Jane Barley.1

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Children of Mary Jane Barlow and John Curry


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