John Skoyles1

ID # 1053, (1829-1904)
     John Skoyles was born on 12 November 1829 at Great Ealing, Middlesex, England.1 He married Sophia Rachel Hoskins in September 1853 at St. George in the East, London, Middlesex, England. (notes: The marriage date for John and Sophia is based on an marriage index. They appear in the 3rd quarter of 1853 and which a volunteer source has narrowed to September of the year. The volume number is 1c and the page is 880. The marriage took place at St. George in the East, London, Middlesex, England.).1 He died on 11 March 1904 at Galt, Waterloo County, Ontario, at age 74.1 He was buried at Trinity Anglican Cemetery Galt.1 Birth dates for John and Sophia Skoyles are taken from the 1901 census at Galt.

At the time of the 1861 census in England, John and Sophia reside at 28 Great Quebec Street, Marylebone, London. There, John is shown as a beer retailer. Birth places for the family through to son John are taken from this census. Birth dates are taken from the 1901 census in Canada.

By 1871, the family is in Canada and they appear in the census at Toronto Township, division A-1, page 40. The children with them in 1861 are still with them in 1871 as well as Caroline who was born in 1867. Son Alfred wasn't born until 1873 and appears with them in the 1881 census at Dundas.

By 1901 they are in Galt and this census states that the family came to Canada in 1869.

Looking over the birth years of the children, it seems likely that there were others born, perhaps more particularly between 1861 and 1868, that didn't survive and for whom we have no record. There is some possibility that a son Edward was born to them in Marylebone in 1862 and died in Clerkenwell in 1866, but no birth and death registrations have been sought.

Death reg. 028304-04 Galt, Waterloo Co. John Skoyles, 11 March 1904, age 75. Residing Chalmers Street. Born England.

The Skoyles family came to Canada in 1868 aboard the SS Germany sailing from Liverpool to Quebec City.1

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Children of John Skoyles and Sophia Rachel Hoskins


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