Leah Viola Stewart1

ID # 1069, (1898-1969)
Leah Viola Stewart|b. 12 Dec 1898\nd. 23 Mar 1969|p1069.htm|William Robert Stewart|b. 1864\nd. 28 Oct 1940|p1068.htm|Caroline Skoyles|b. 1868\nd. 10 Dec 1940|p1058.htm|||||||John Skoyles|b. 12 Nov 1829\nd. 11 Mar 1904|p1053.htm|Sophia R. Hoskins|b. 31 Jan 1829\nd. 23 Feb 1906|p1054.htm|
     Leah Viola Stewart was born on 12 December 1898 at Galt, Waterloo County, Ontario.1 She was the daughter of William Robert Stewart and Caroline Skoyles.1 She married Frank Leslie Kitchen on 4 June 1919 at Galt, Waterloo County, Ontario. (notes: Marriage reg. 025627-19 Galt, Waterloo Co. Frank Leslie Kitchen, 24, bachelor, hardware, Protestant. Born St. George, residing Windsor. Parents Allan Leslie Kitchen and Emma Augusta Tansley. Leah Viola Stewart, 20, spinster, Protestant. Born and residing Galt. Parents Wm. Robert Stewart and Caroline Augusta Skoyles. Witnesses David Stewart, Galt, and Marion Kitchen, Galt. On 4th June 1919 at Galt. Clergyman W.H. Snelgrove, Galt, Anglican.).1 She died on 23 March 1969 at age 70.1 She was buried at Mountview Cemetery, Cambridge, New York.1

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