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Descendants of Catherine Jones & William Coleman
     Mary Abel was born on 17 September 1809 at Ontario.1 She was the daughter of David Abel and Mary Dineen.1 She married Daniel Coleman, son of William Coleman and Catherine Jones.1 She died on 17 June 1879 at Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario, at age 69.1 She was buried at Troy Cemetery, Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario.1 In the 1871 census for Beverly which appears on reel C9954 (availableat the Archives of Ontario, Toronto) the Coleman household is said to be made up of:
Mary 53, Wesley 23, Phebe 19, Charley 15, Lucinda 11.
George is away in his own household; Clarissa is married to George Main. Evidently Harriet is away, likely married to Matthew Nesbit by this time. Though Wesley is a younger brother, he seems to have been the one to remain on the family farm. By the 1881 census, only Lucinda is with Wesley, as she had not yet married Judson Smith.

Mary's death registration says she died June 17, 1879 at the age of 63 yrs and, perhaps, 11 months. She is said to be a Methodist and the widow of the late Daniel Coleman. She is said to have been born in Ontario, 'supposed to be Beverly', and the informant is Wesley Coleman (her son).

Mary's birth year is questionable. According to a transcription of her stone held at the OGS library, she is said to be 68. Her stone, as well as Dan's, was in poor shape. It is suspected that the problem is a mistranscription of an 8 for a 3. This researcher has gone with the death registration and accepted the transcription of the months and days from her stone.

Harley Misener's transcription of Mary's stone (died 17 June 1878, 68yrs, 8mos., 29 dys) has the appearance of being close and may well be accurate. Given Mary's early birth, she appears to have come on the scene prior to her parents purchasing land in Beverly. He was living in Trafalgar Township at the time of the purchase, but how long he was there is unknown. Her son said that she was born in Ontario for purposes of her death registration, so this is likely the case.

That Mary Abel Coleman was the daughter of David and Mary Able, buried in Troy Cemetery, is now beyond doubt. This is made clear by the mention of daughter Mary (first name only) in David Able's will. He also mentions daughter Harriet. Harriet married John Gamble. She lived long enough that her death registration form had space for the names of the parents of the deceased. Her registration shows her parents as David Abel and Mary Dineen. Harriet's will also has bequests for nieces and nephews, some of whom are the children of her sister, Mary Able Coleman.

Mary's death registration number is 016901-79.1

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Children of Mary Abel and Daniel Coleman


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