Vera Agnes Coleman1

ID # 150, (1896-1992)
Vera Agnes Coleman|b. 31 Mar 1896\nd. 9 Feb 1992|p150.htm|Alven Coleman|b. 7 Feb 1868\nd. 7 Oct 1936|p141.htm|Lavinia Emma Himes|b. 29 Jan 1871\nd. 28 Jan 1960|p149.htm|George W. Coleman|b. 1 Oct 1841\nd. 23 Apr 1922|p129.htm|Harriet Church|b. 12 Oct 1848\nd. 31 Mar 1930|p139.htm|||||||

2nd great-granddaughter of Catherine Jones.
Descendants of Catherine Jones & William Coleman
     Vera Agnes Coleman was born on 31 March 1896 at Galt, Waterloo County, Ontario.1 She was the daughter of Alven Coleman and Lavinia Emma Himes.1 She died on 9 February 1992 at Galt, Waterloo County, Ontario, at age 95.1 She was buried at Mountview Cemetery, Galt, Waterloo County, Ontario.1 Vera's birth registration is 039346-96 and was recorded at Galt, Ontario. Her father is said to be a Painter. She was delivered by Dr. Wardlaw. Vera was a favorite aunt and is the source of many of my Coleman stories. At the time of her birth, her grandfathers Coleman and Himes were living. One was agitating for her to be named Vera and the other one wanted Agnes. Finally Grandmother Coleman said to them, 'Her name is Vera Agnes. There, I hope you're both happy' Vera didn't care for her middle name. Vera was born in Galt and lived there all her life. Most of her working life with spent with Metropolitan Life Insurance, first at their Galt office and, when that closed, at their Kitchener office. She travelled to Kitchener every working day for a good many years by bus or trolley. She was born a Methodist and spent her church life at the same church, first known as Ainslie Street Methodist and then later as Wesley United Church. Her Grandfather Himes had helped dig the foundation for the building.1

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