Herbert Berson Coleman1

ID # 151, (1897-1984)
Herbert Berson Coleman|b. 28 Dec 1897\nd. 4 Aug 1984|p151.htm|Alven Coleman|b. 7 Feb 1868\nd. 7 Oct 1936|p141.htm|Lavinia Emma Himes|b. 29 Jan 1871\nd. 28 Jan 1960|p149.htm|George W. Coleman|b. 1 Oct 1841\nd. 23 Apr 1922|p129.htm|Harriet Church|b. 12 Oct 1848\nd. 31 Mar 1930|p139.htm|||||||

2nd great-grandson of Catherine Jones.
Descendants of Catherine Jones & William Coleman
     Herbert Berson Coleman was born on 28 December 1897 at Galt, Waterloo County, Ontario.1 He was the son of Alven Coleman and Lavinia Emma Himes.1 He married Jennie McBride.1 He died on 4 August 1984 at Galt, Waterloo County, Ontario, at age 86.1 He was buried at Mountview Cemetery, Galt, Waterloo County, Ontario.1 The spelling of Bert Coleman's middle name is taken from his attestation papers, self signed - several times - on January 23, 1916. Attestation papers were filled out at the time of signing up for the CanadianArmy during the First War. At the time he signed up the family lived at 39 Oak Street in Galt. His parents lived there until his father's death in 1936.

Bert went overseas with his chum Harold Burgess. Harold was killed and Bert thought his own chances weren't good. As it happened, while he was in the trenches he suffered an attack of appendicitis. Before they got him out to the rear his appendix ruptured and he then suffered from peritonitis. He was operated on in a tent hospital at the rear and was evacuated to London where he spent some time in hospital before returning to Canada.

While in London he met with and was kindly treated by his grandparents' Himes families and he enjoyed telling about his time spent with them.

Bert's birth registration number is 041877-98.1

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