George Starr

ID # 184, (1813-1904)
BirthGeorge Starr was born in 1813 at England. 
MarriageHe married Charlotte Wall
DeathHe died on 13 February 1904. 
BurialHe was buried at Harrisburg Cemetery, South Dumfries Twp, Brant County, Ontario. 
NoteFreeBMD lists a birth registration for Rhoda Starr in the 3rd quarter of 1840 in the District of Axbridge, which is in Somerset. This district likely covers Wedmore. Rhoda was baptised at Wedmore in 1840.

In the 1841 English census, George and Charlotte are in the Parish of Wedmore. He is shown as 25 and a pig dealer; she is shown as age 20. With them is daughter Rhoda, age 1.

Noting that the family was in England in Wedmore in Somerset as of the 1841 census, we may say that the family came to Canada prior to July of 1847. For the following discussion, see See microfilm GSU 161100 Beverly Abstract Indexes, concessions 1 to 4.

George Starr purchased 9-3/4 acres of lot 2 on the 1st concession of Beverly Township on 3 July, 1847, from Isaac Shaver et ux (an abbreviation - et uxora, Latin for 'and wife'). After that, the Abstract Index is unclear. It does appear that there was a further transaction involving 113 acres of the south part of this lot which George purchased from Samuel Zimmerman. It looks as though the confusion is caused by the death of Zimmerman and names involved in transactions who may have been inheritors of his estate. The short story is that George Star (so spelled) and his wife took out a mortage on 28 April, 1855, and which they were able to discharge to a Lewis Corby on 28 January, 1863.

The 1851 every-person census for Beverly, for the most part, has not survived. The Agricultural census, however, has survived and it shows George Starr on Concession 1, lot 2. The concession number might be open to question, but it works with the Abstract Index. Where the 1851 census does not agree with the AI is in that George is shown as holding 100 acres - even. (100 acres is actually a half lot.)

George and his family are still in Beverly in 1861. This time we have the every person census to work with.

Certainly, by the time of the 1871 census, George and Charlotte are in South Dumfries. Abstract Indexes are not to hand, but it's quite evident looking over the adjacent pages that George and Charlotte are in the Harrisburg area of South Dumfries. From lot 2 on the first concession of Beverly to the Harrisburg area of South Dumfries would have been, even in the mid 1800s, a short buggy ride.

Death reg. 095819-04 South Dumfries, Brant County
George Starr died Feb. 13, 1904. Age 90. Residence Harrisburg. Retired farmer. Widower. Born England. Methodist. Informant E. E. Kitchen, M.D. 

Children of George Starr and Charlotte Wall

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