Nelson Eldridge Vrooman

ID # 193, (1844-1915)
FatherAdmiral Nelson Vrooman (1799-1882)
MotherRachel Coleman (1806-1896)
BirthNelson Eldridge Vrooman was born on 2 August 1844 at Harrisburg, Ontario. 
MarriageHe married Rhoda Starr, daughter of George Starr and Charlotte Wall, on 8 May 1872 at St. George, Ontario; Mrge reg. 004713-72 South Dumfries, Brant Co.
Eldridge N. Vrooman, 28, bachelor, farmer. Born and residing Harrisburg. Parents Admiral and Rachael Vrooman.
Roda Starr Harris, 31, widow, born England, residing Harrisburg. Parents George and Charlotte Starr.
Witnesses John Mulholland of Ancaster and Mary H. Andrews of St. George.
At St. George on May 8, 1872.
Clergyman Alfred Andrews, minister. The bride and groom were Methodists. 
DeathHe died on 1 January 1915 at Lot 4, Concession 14, Burford, Ontario, at age 70. 
BurialHe was buried on 4 January 1915 at Harrisburg Cemetery. 
NoteNelson and Rhoda appear in the 1881 census in South Dumfries. He is said to be a farmer.

Nelson's death registration is 008106-15. The registration seems careful and detailed. He is said to be a gentleman, which would indicate that he is retired. He is said to be widowed. It clearly states that his parents were Admiral Nelson Vrooman and Rachael (so spelled) Coleman. There were contributing causes, but the immediate cause of his death was heart failure and gangrene. Few of the family's registrations clearly state that their mother Rachel was a Coleman. This one does so. It also says that his age at time of death was 70 years, 4 months and 29 days. This would make his birth date August 3, 1844.

The Brantford Expositor of Jan 7, 1915, has the death notice for Nelson E. Vrooman. It's posted under notices for the village of Scotland. It says that he passed away at the residence of Mrs. Ida Marlatt, west of the village. There is no evidence that Ida Marlatt was a Vrooman relative. Her maiden name was Ida Bell Fairchild. At the time of the 1911 census she is a widow and Nelson Vrooman is living there as a farm laborer. In the 1901 census she is married to William Marlatt, a farmer, and has three children and her mother, Mary Fairchild, is living with them. At the time of the 1881 census, she is a child living with her mother who is a widow.

No evidence has been found that Nelson and Rhoda had children. 
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