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Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Teressa M. Coleman was born on 18 February 1802 at Perhaps New Jersey.1 She married Henry Moe at Likely Beverly Twp, Gore District, Upper Canada.1 She was the daughter of John Coleman and Elizabeth Lawrason.1 She married Samuel Wait.1 She died on 16 September 1894 at Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, at age 92.1 She was buried at St. George, Ontario.1 At the beginning of the research into Teressa Coleman's family connections, there seemed little to go on and some of the information to be found was incorrect.

That Teressa was a Coleman is attested to by the death registration of her daughter Eliza Wait Hyndman Chapman. Eliza's daughter by her first marriage, Margaret Hyndman, gave her mother's parents names and stated that Eliza's mother was Theresa Coleman (spellings for Teressa's given name vary.) After that, her place as one of the children of JohnColeman and Elizabeth Lawrason is inferential, but it seems clear enough. The name Teressa, or Teresa, or Theresa, was given to the children of her siblings in at least three cases. Coleman family names appear with at least two of Teressa's children.

That Teressa's first married name was Moe and that her second marriedname was Wait is attested to by the fact that she appears in the 1891census at Collingwood in the home of her son Husted Moe. She is listed as Terisa Waite.

Disregarding the error in the 1851 census at Dumfries, which listed her Moe children as Waits, there was quite a household. Her sons by Henry, John Wesley and Henry as well as Henrietta were there (listed as Waits, but demonstrably Moes) as well as her three daughters by her second marriage, as well as Samuel Wait's son Levi, by his first marriage to Anna Shoup, and Levi's wife. Geraldine Vrooman was also in the house. Geraldine was Teressa's niece by her sister Rachel, who married Admiral Nelson Vrooman of Harrisburg. Harrisburg was three or four miles from St. George. It was quite a houseful. One or two of them must have slept in the barn.

There is no known place of burial for Henry Moe and no surviving stone. By his obituary, we know that Samuel Wait was buried in St. George.It's believed that Teressa died in Detroit in 1894 and that she was returned to St. George for burial. The stone of Samuel Wait's first wife, Anna (died September 29, 1840, 41 yrs., 2 mos., 7 dys), has survived. It's believe that both Samuel and Teressa are buried by her. An oldtranscription for the St. George Cemetery from the 1980s refers to a stone for Teresa Wait, ILM... stone broken. Family tradition has it that she was buried there. Also buried with them, though there is no stone at St. George, are Eliza's two children Effie Melissa Hyndman andFrank Norville Chapman. Their names are commemorated at Mount Pleasant Cemetery on their mother's stone and saying that they are buried atSt. George.

Teressa is said to have died September 16, 1894, at Detroit. She had apparently been staying with her daughter Clarissa/Clara Parsons. Her death date is given in the Detroit City directory the next year. Her address coincided with Clara's.

A land transaction, Beverly Twp. nbr. 629, done in 1851 and registered in 1862, from University of Toronto to the executors of the estate of Henry Moe, places Theresa in Camden West Township. This would be inKent County. It's questionable as to whether Camden West represented a residence at the time of the transaction or of the registration. I have to believe that it was a temporary situation. Samuel and Theresa were in Berlin at the time of the 1861 census. Samuel died in 1866, but Theresa was also in Berlin at the time of the 1871 census.1

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Children of Teressa M. Coleman and Henry Moe

Children of Teressa M. Coleman and Samuel Wait


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