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Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Melvin C. Moe was born in 1832.1 He was the son of Henry Moe and Teressa M. Coleman.1 He married Mary Caroline Rosebrugh, daughter of Thomas Rosebrugh and Joanna Sands Mulholland, on 14 August 1850.1 The first suggestion I saw that there was such a person as Melvin Moewas in Dorothy Radoff's letter. Later I found his marriage record, thus:
The Ontario Register Vol. 5, 1981, p194: Marriage Notices from the Christian Register, 14 Aug. 1850, On 25 July, Melvin Moe and Mary Caroline Rosebrugh, both of Dumfries (Rev. H. Biggar).

Then I found in the 1861 census for Chatham, Ontario, in Kent County,a record of Melvin Moe as a stonecutter staying with his sister Minerva Jane Moe Evans and her family. This unquestionably connects him with the Moes of St. George.

In the Ontario Directory for 1851 Dundas, Wentworth:
Moe, M. & J.W., dealers in Marble and manufacturers of monuments, tombtables, gravestones, and all kinds of ornamental marble work.
Main Street.

In a city directory for Hamilton and Dundas dated 1853, Melvin Moe islisted as a resident of Dundas with a marble factory on Main Street. John Wesley Moe is not listed.

The next city directory on the microfilm is for Hamilton only in the year of 1856.

There is no every-person census for 1851 for Dundas. The above appears to be a business address. It would appear that Melvin made a trade out of stone-cutting considering the 1861 entry for Chatham.

In 1855, according to memorial 594, relating to the sales of Henry Moe's Beverly lands by his executors, Admiral Nelson Vrooman and Adam Misener, Melvin is described as a 'gentleman' living in Dundas with his wife Mary Moe.

In a Directory of the Province of Ontario, 1857, with a Gazeteer, Thomas B. Wilson and Emily S. Wilson, Hunterdon House, Lambertville, JH, 1987.

On page 423

Moe, M.C., Owen Sound, Grey, Canadian Saloon.

This appears to be our Melvin. If he was in fact at Owen Sound, he wouldn't have been far from Husted at this time. The Rosebrugh Family Story, written by Harold Rosebrugh, 1965, says that Mary Rosebrugh married M.C. Moe, so 'C' is likely correct as his middle initial. Melvin was born in 1832. In the census and assessment for Dumfries Township for 1832, Craig B. Moe, apparently Henry's brother, is with them. Melvin's middle initial may well stand for Craig.1

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