Husted Moe Evans

ID # 343, (1854-)
FatherIsrael Evans (1822-1900)
MotherMinerva Jane Moe (1827-1886)
BirthHusted Moe Evans was born in 1854 at Chatham, Ontario. 
MarriageHe married Laura J. Whipper on 24 September 1879 at Windsor, Ontario; The marriage registration runs into the right edge of a frayed page and is not readable on all points.

002328-79 Husted Moe Evans, 24, born and residing Chatham, liveryman,bachelor, son of Israel Evans and Jane Moe. Laura Jane Whipper, 24, spinster, residing Windsor, born Kean, New Hampshire, parents M.P. Whipper and Kate Adelaide Wa....
Witnesses: A Earl, Fairfax...., and Libbie Montreuil of Sandwich Est. At Windsor on September 24, 1879. He was Episcopal and she Roman Catholic. The clergyman was Rev. F. Wagner. 
NoteThe birth year for Husted Moe Evans is calculated from the 1861 census taken at Chatham, Kent Co., Ontario. This conflicts with the 1900 census taken in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri. There, his birth is given as November of 1851. This is the last record found for Husted Evans, thus far. The 1900 Kansas City census shows his year of emigration as 1882 and it says that he is an 'engineer'. With his is his wife Laura. Her birth is given as June of 1854. It says that she has given birth to two children and that both of them are still living. Her place of birth, shown as Pennsylvania, conflicts with her marriage registration which gives her place of birth as Kean, New Hampshire. With the couple are their two children shown as Lawrence M., born in August of 1880 in Canada, and daughter Bessie H., born August of 1882 in Missouri. This is our one source for Bessie, for a later record has not been found. 

Children of Husted Moe Evans and Laura J. Whipper

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