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Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Sabrina Caroline Smith was born in 1821 at United States.1 She was the daughter of William Smith and Rachel Walters.1 She married John Coleman, son of John Coleman and Elizabeth Lawrason, in June 1838 at Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario. (notes: John Coleman and 'Caroline' Smith were married by license in 1838. They were almost certainly married in June of the year for their marriage bond is dated June 6, 1838. One of the bondsmen signatures is unclear, but appears to be A Jould or Gould. The other one is very clearly that of Daniel Coleman, John Coleman Jr.'s cousin.

The marriage bond gives Beverly Township as the residence of both bride and groom and this is shown as the place of marriage, though of course it is possible that they married in either St. George or Brantford. It is doubtful that they were married much further afield.).1
She married John Everitt on 28 February 1877 at Bertie Twp, Welland County, Ontario. (notes: Marriage reg. 011232-77 Bertie Twp., Welland Co. John Everitt, 57, farmer, widower, born and residing Willoughby. Parents Jacob and Susannah Everitt. Sebrina Coleman, age 56, residing Brant Co., born United States. Parents William and Rachel Smith. Witnesses Thomas and Sophronia Creese of Bertie. (The last name Creese is barely legible, but appears to be Creese.)At Bertie on 28 Feby. 1877. The groom was Church of England and the bride Methodist. The clergyman was Rev. J. Mooney.).1 She died on 26 December 1896 at South Dumfries Twp, Brant County, Ontario.1 Sabrina's full name comes from her marriage bond. According to her daughters' death registrations, Sabrina seems to have been the more commonly used name, though Caroline does appear in the 1861 census.

The names of Sabrina's parents, William and Rachel, are found on the registration of her second marriage in 1877 to John Everitt. The following marriage record does appear in Gore District marriages and I note it here as it may be of some assistance in the future:

Rev. Benjamin Lawrence, Methodist Episcopal Church

Pg 71, 1847

Sept. 9 William SMITH, Beverly, to Hannah BENNETT, Beverly. Wit: John Coleman, James H. Bennett.

While not presently proven, the fact that John Coleman was a witness to the marriage and names of the children of William and Hannah suggest that William Smith of Beverly was Sabrina's brother.

Caroline's year of birth is taken is based upon her age of 56 at the time of her second marriage in February of 1877. This is close to her year of birth as calculated from the 1861 census. The 1871 census shows her as some years younger.

Death reg. 001683-77 South Dumfries, Brant Co. Sobrina Smith Everitt, died December 26, 1896, age 77. Born Canada (Census records indicate that she was born in the U.S. as does her second marriage record.) The informant of her death was Dr. J.S. Addison of St. George and gives no burial or family information.1

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Children of Sabrina Caroline Smith and John Coleman


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