Phoebe Elizabeth Coleman1

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Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Phoebe Elizabeth Coleman was born on 27 January 1849 at Wentworth County, Ontario.1 She was the daughter of John Coleman and Sabrina Caroline Smith.1 She married Sydney S. Lawrason, son of John P. Lawrason and Sarah D. Crane, on 29 June 1871 at Brantford, Brant County, Ontario. (notes: Sydney Lawrason, age 23, residence and place of birth Beverly, farmer, son of John and Sarah Lawrason.
Phoebe Elizabeth Coleman, age 22, residence South Dumfries, birth place Beverly, parents John and Isabella Coleman, witnesses Mary Ann Dowdand John Dowd, both of Townsend. 27 June 1871 in Brantford. The groomwas Episcopal Methodist and the bride was N.C. Methodist. Clergyman, Thomas Lowry, Brantford.).1
She died on 11 March 1917 at St. George, Ontario, at age 68.1 She was buried on 13 March 1917 at St. George Cemetery, South Dumfries Twp, Brant County, Ontario.1 Pioneers of Beverly (John A. Cornell, originally published in 1889) places Mrs. S.B. Lawrason as a member of the family of John Coleman and Elizabeth Lawrason. This is correct if a little ambiguous. She is actually a grandchild.

Mrs. S. B. Lawrason is Melissa. Her sister Phoebe married Sidney S. Lawrason, son of Purvis Douglas Lawrason. Phoebe's death registration gives her parents as John Coleman and Sabrina Smith. The information for Melissa's parentage on her death registration is the same.

Phoebe lived in the St. George area for most of her life, though they are in Hamilton at the time of the 1901 census. They are in South Dumfries in 1881, 1891, and back again in 1911.

All Phoebe's children are at home at the time of the 1891 census.

Phoebe's death registration number is 008261-17.

It's interesting to note that at the time of the birth of her son, Fletcher Lawrason, Sydney and Phoebe were farming in Blenheim.1

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Children of Phoebe Elizabeth Coleman and Sydney S. Lawrason


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