Lavinia Piggott

ID # 412, (1843-1909)
BirthLavinia Piggott was born on 24 April 1843 at Yorkville, Ontario. 
MarriageShe married Henry Moe Misener, son of Adam Misener and Helen Coleman, on 20 May 1868 at St. Davids, Niagara Township, Lincoln Co; MS248 reel 10, Vol.33, page 104, Lincoln County

Henry Moe Misener, 28, born Troy, residence St. George. Parents Adam and Helen Misener.
Lovina Piggott, 24, born Yorkville, residing Toronto. Parents James and Lovina Piggott.
Witness Jas. S. Collard, Niagara
On 19th August, 1868

By Rev. D. W. Misener, Methodist Episcopal

The 1869 Province of Ontario Directory locates the Methodist Episcopal minister D. W. Misener in the village of St. David's in Niagara Township. At some remove, he was a relation of Elisha's. Elisha and Lovina may or may not have been married in St. David's, but it seems likely.

Rev. D. W. Misener was apparently Dustan Wells Misener, son of Conrad Misener and Elizabeth Wells. Conrad was brother of Adam Misener. (Adam had a son he named Conrad, but Dustan was son of the brother.) Henry Moe Misener and Dustan Wells Misener were about the same age and likely good friends as well as first cousins for Henry to go to Dustan to get married.

Yorkville was annexed by Toronto in 1883, and is in an area of Toronto now sometimes referred to as The Annex. Yorkville had its own post office and this continued for a time under the same name for some years after 1883.

Lovina's parents are in Yorkville as of the 1871 census. Probably, Lovina was working in Toronto at the time of her marriage, hence it being shown as her residence. Toronto Township in Peel County is also a possibility, though, all considered, the City of Toronto seems the more likely. 
DeathShe died on 15 June 1909 at Detroit, Michigan, at age 66. 
BurialShe was buried on 17 June 1909 at Woodmere Cemetery, Detroit. 
NoteWoodmere Cemetery's database shows Lavinia's name as Lovina Misener and shows her place of birth as Ontario. Her late address (Detroit) is shown as 1380 14th Ave. Her age is given as 66. Her dates of death and burial are June 15, 1909, and June 17. She is buried in Section D, lot 252.

State of Michigan
Transcript of Certificate of Death
Levina Misener died June 15, 1909, at 1380-14th St. 10th Ward, Detroit.
Born April 24, 1843. Age at marriage 24. Six children of whom five are living. Born Canada. Parents Jas. Piggott, born England. Mother unknown. Physician E. C. Hoff. Informant Miss H. Misener, Detroit. Burial Woodmere June 17, 1909.

Death registration found at SeekingMichigan. 

Children of Lavinia Piggott and Henry Moe Misener

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