Admiral Nelson Vrooman1

ID # 48, (1799-1882)
Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Admiral Nelson Vrooman was born on 17 December 1799 at Queenston, Ontario.1 He married Rachel Coleman, daughter of John Coleman and Elizabeth Lawrason.1 He died on 28 April 1882 at Harrisburg, Brant County, Ontario, at age 82.1 He was buried at Harrisburg, Brant County, Ontario.1 The original surname of Admiral Nelson Vrooman was Smith. At some point he took his mother's family name. An early Beverly Township settler was Arents S.D.S. Vrooman. The initials apparently stood for Sylvester Depeyster Schuyler. A land transaction from 1811 (C1-L4) shows that Arents Vrooman had lived in Niagara. In 1823 Arents Vrooman sold 100 acres of this property to Admiral N. Vrooman. Apparently Arents Vrooman moved to Garafraxa Township in what became Wellington County, perhaps as early as 1823 and lived out his days there. At some point Nelson Vrooman purchased land in what became South Dumfries, certainly before 1832. Here, the railway wished to build a junction and Nelson and Rachel prospered. Nelson drew up plans for a village and this was first known as Vromenia. Later is was Carstairs and finally Harrisburg. This is just south and a little east of St. George.

The land records for the Harrisburg area of South Dumfries are interesting and extensive to read. Nelson was deeply involved in land transactions. He granted land to family members, including his grandson Nelson Vrooman Unger, who was age two at the time, in 1859. He also granted land to his daughters. There is a record of land being sold in 1915 by Geraldine Ellington, Sabrina Bookless and Harry Galer (per guardian, likely his mother).

The only other comment that might be made is that it is believed that Arents Vrooman was the uncle of Admiral Nelson Vrooman. Young Nelson may have spent some time with his uncle. It is uknown whether there was some sort of informal adoption arrangement, but it may be that in taking his mother's family name young Nelson was actually doing so because of his relationship with Arents Vrooman.1

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Children of Admiral Nelson Vrooman and Rachel Coleman


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