Henry Dodge1

ID # 492, (1837-1844)
Henry Dodge|b. 28 May 1837\nd. 14 Jun 1844|p492.htm|Rufus Dodge|b. 27 Mar 1813\nd. 12 Nov 1893|p493.htm|Mary Ann Jones|b. 16 Jan 1818\nd. 1889|p491.htm|||||||James Jones|b. 16 Apr 1793\nd. 24 Jul 1860|p489.htm|Hannah Goodale|b. 6 Jan 1801\nd. 10 Oct 1882|p490.htm|

Grandnephew of Catherine Jones.
     Henry Dodge was born on 28 May 1837.1 He was the son of Rufus Dodge and Mary Ann Jones.1 He died on 14 June 1844 at age 7.1 He was buried at Troy Cemetery, Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario.1 Henry was probably born in Beverly Township and died there. The information for his death is taken from Harley Misener's transcription of Troy Cemetery which is dated 1969. A more recent transcription has lessinformation and is likely related to the condition of the stone.1

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