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Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Husted Moe was born on 12 December 1828 at Dumfries Twp, Ontario.1 He was the son of Henry Moe and Teressa M. Coleman.1 He married Christina Cook in 1854. (notes: Christina's marriage year is likely wrong. This to be checked. Considering the birth year of her first child I would expect that she would be at least two years older, minimum.).1 He married Charlotte Edwards in 1882.1 He died on 21 May 1906 at Barrie, Ontario, at age 77.1 He was buried at Trinity Church Cemetery, Collingwood, Ontario.1 Husted Moe is an interesting person to research. See note under his father, Henry Moe for the likely origin of his name. Husted wife's namewas Christina Cook. They may have been married in Berlin, though in later years they lived in Owen Sound, per a 1865-66 gazetteer for Grey County. He was in Orillia with his children in the 1881 Canadian census and apparently Christina had died by this time. An obituary for oneof their daughters, Clara, says that she was born in Bell Ewart in Innisfil Township in Simcoe County, and so they likely spent some time there. In the 1881 census, Husted is listed as 'station master', but in the above mentioned Grey Co. gazette, he is mentioned as a purser on the Great Lakes steamer Clifton. I have found web pages that mention a Moe as steward on Great Lakes shipping and a Captain Moe of the Emily May and also the Lady of the Lakes. These two ships sailed on Lake Simcoe and the references seem to date from the mid 1870s. Somewhere, there should be a photgraph extant of Husted and I am making enquiries.

According to his obituary, Husted is buried in the Methodist Cemeteryin Collingwood.

Also according to his obituary, Husted married a second time and hada son Roy by his second wife. No names are given for his wives in theobit, but his second wife was apparently living at the time. The Orillia Packet is quoted as saying: he was well known in Orillia; he was captain of the Emily May (and, I believe, a steamer called Lady of the Lakes - both of these were Lake Simcoe steamers); afterwards, he was the first station agent for the Northern Railway. He resided in Orilliafrom 1876 to 1883. In 1883 he left for Vancouver, where he then made his home. He was engaged in the Yukon trade up to the time he was taken ill. He went first to Calgary and then to Orillia. He then went in the fall of 1905 to a hospital in Barrie where he remained until the time of his death. Before living in Orillia, he is said to have lived in Owen Sound, Collingwood, Bell Ewart and Berlin. A son Frank is mentioned as living in St. Louis, Missouri, Fred is in Council Bluffs, Iowa; Mrs. Grant and Mrs. Jebb and Louisa Moe all of Orillia are mentioned. Also a Mrs. Patterson, Teressa, of Okotoks, Alberta. His son by hissecond marriage, Roy, was said to have recently moved to Owen Sound.

Roy likely spent some time in Owen Sound, but at some point returned to Vancouver and is mentioned in a Vancouver city directory in the 1920s. Possibly his mother was in Vancouver. Husted may well have marriedher while he was out there. There is a female Moe mentioned in Collingwood in the 1901 census, first name very difficult to make out. The transcriber has her as Bettey, but this isn't right. I believe her namewas Lettie or Lottie.

The given name Lottie for the Moe in the Collingwood census seems to have been a good guess. I found in the 1891 census, the Moe household consisting of: Husted 62, Charlotte 45, Louisa 26, Fred 19 (said to bea telegraph operator), Teressa 21, Roy 8, and Teresa Waite 90. Of course, Teresa is Husted's mother.

Roy is Husted's son by Charlotte. I don't have Charlotte's maiden name, but, if they were married in Ontario, it should be easy to find. I have fudged the years given in this tree for Husted's two marriages. This keeps the spouses in correct sequence. The years won't be far off,however. Roy seems to have been born in 1883 and Husted isn't marriedat the time of the 1881 census.

Husted and his family is listed in the 1861 census at Owen Sound:
Husted Moe, clerk, born U.C. (Upper Canada) age 32;
Christina, U.S.                22;
Bessie                         4
Francis S.                     3 (the initial is barely legible)
Today I looked for Husted'a marriage to Charlotte, his second wife, which would have been approximately 1882. I checked the index reel at the AO MS934 reel 5. There was nothing listed. It's possible that he didn't marry in Ontario, but this doesn't seem likely. I also looked for Husted's will in Simcoe County, but I was unable to find one on theindex.

Last week at the Archives of Ontario I found a reference to a letter from an H. Moe to Sir Oliver Mowat, Premier of Ontario, applying for ajob as bursar at the Insane Asylum at Orillia. This can only be Husted. The reference was a card file and said the letter was dated 1882. It said the letter had been placed in the Mowat Papers. The Archive isin possession of the papers and I was able to look through certain files and search for the letter. I believe I went through all referencedfiles, but it wasn't to be found. There were letters from Sir WilfredLaurier and Buckingham Palace, but nothing from Husted Moe. I may tryto find this again at a later date, for it might contain some of Husted's personal information which might be of interest.

The volunteers who update the 1901 Canadian census have finally caught up with Husted Moe's whereabouts. His obituary said that he went toBritish Columbia in 1883. (Perhaps because he didn't get the job mentioned in the above paragraph.) He was staying with his youngest daughter by his first wife Teresa and her husband George Paterson (spelled Patterson in the census). This is on page 12, f6, of the Kootenay West,Nelson, sub-district. His profession is shown as being a ship's steward. Kootenay is inland and in the census is shown as part of the 'Yale& Cariboo' district. His obituary said he involved in the Yukon trade, and he may have been. In the Kootenays it's hard to imagine him working as a ship's steward. His son Roy by his second marriage is with him. Roy's age is given as 18. Teressa and George Paterson are shown with a son Frank age 2. Family obituaries of later years suggest that she later had a daughter.

Husted's obituary says that when his health failed he came back to Ontario by way of Calgary, spending a short time there. When he died it appears from his obituary that Charlotte was in British Columbia, though she'd been in Collingwood at the time of the 1901 census. Roy seemsto have been in Ontario, perhaps Owen Sound, when his father died, but that's not clear from the obituary.

After examining the records, a word is in order about the approximateyear of Husted's birth. He seems to first appear in the 1851 every-person census at Chatham. He is there stated to be 23. This would place his birth year to around 1828 or 1829. It's possible that there was another Husted Moe in Ontario, but I believe this to be unlikely. Chatham was the town of his sister, Minerva Jane Evans, and while he wasn'tliving under their roof, I believe it to be him. In any event, his age at the time squares approximately with the censuses taken at Owen Sound in 1871, Orillia in 1881, and Collingwood in 1891. In 1901, his age is stated as 71 and his birth date is given as 12 December 1839. 1829 would square with age 71 and looking carefully at the writing, thismay actually have been intended. In any event, I incline to agree with the ages given in the census since they agree. It isn't until Husted dies on May 22, 1906, that a disagreement arises. His age at death on his death registration is 67 years, 5 months, and 9 days. His obituary also claims his age as 67. Unless he lied egregiously about his age at the time of his entry into the workforce, I incline to the view that both his death registration and his obituary are wrong. I am going with his birth date as 12 December 1829. There is also a record at Detroit in the 1850 census mentioning a Husted Moe from Canada as being age 22. I incline to the view that this is our Husted. For the timebeing at least, I incline to the view that the census information is correct. The reason for his death date as given for his death registration and obituary must remain a mystery. It's certainly a lesson in being careful with using even official records without some degree of cross checking.

Husted's death registration number is 026354-06.

Now that Husted's grave transcription has been found, I have made hisbirth year 1828.

Husted's burial place and and a transcription of the stone has been found. I'm changing his year of birth to agree with his stone.

(Simcoe County Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society, 1999), p.58, no.493.

MOE, Husted G-39 South 1/2
Husted MOE, 1828-1906
his wife, Christine (Cook) 1841-1875
William H. 1865-1888
Louisa (Moe) 1862-1911

A land transaction between Sabrina and James Blackburn and Husted places Husted's residence in 1859 as Berlin.

Husted was also in Berlin in 1855, according to memorial 594, a document relating to the sale of his father's Beverly lands, where he is described as a hotel keeper.1

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Children of Husted Moe and Christina Cook

Child of Husted Moe and Charlotte Edwards


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