Dorothy M. Miller1

ID # 506, (1919-1992)
Dorothy M. Miller|b. 11 Dec 1919\nd. 6 Aug 1992|p506.htm|Robert Harvey Miller|b. 1894|p505.htm|Irene F. Smith|b. 15 Aug 1895\nd. 1984|p502.htm|||||||Eddie S. Smith|b. 24 Jul 1864\nd. 12 May 1938|p57.htm|Emma Multhaupt|b. 1 Feb 1868\nd. 2 Feb 1957|p58.htm|
Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Dorothy M. Miller was born on 11 December 1919 at Washington.1 She was the daughter of Robert Harvey Miller and Irene F. Smith.1 She married George Richard Radoff.1 She died on 6 August 1992 at Brisbane, California, at age 72.1 Dorothy (Miller) Radoff was a librarian at Brisbane, California. According to information to be found online she also had a reputation as alocal historian. On June 23, 1973, she wrote a letter to a Mrs. Cameron Gage of the Womens' Wentworth Historical Society in Hamilton. She was enquiring about her Canadian ancestors. She mentioned Weavers, Smiths, Colemans and Moes. Her information about the Colemans suggests that she had done some research that likely involved the Annals of the Forty and Cornell's History of the Pioneers of Beverly. Her Moe family information, while not extensive, has proved accurate by any cross-checking that I have been able to do. I believe that this information likely came down to her from her family. She is the only one to mention Sabrina as being a daughter of Henry Moe and Teresa Coleman. The 1832 census of Dumfries suggests that there was a daughter in the household besides Minerva Jane and this was likely Sabrina, whom it would seem never lived beyond childhood. Her list of the rest of the Moe children,other than Sabrina, has proven accurate and I owe much to her research.

Mrs. Radoff's birth and death information come from a California death and Social Security Number site.

The information for Dorothy's husband being George Radoff is tentative, but he died at the same postal code in Brisbane and so it seems likely that he is her husband. This remains to be verified. There was also a George Radoff, apparently Dorothy's father-in-law, who died at the same postal code and likely lived with them. His dates were June 20, 1882 - March 10, 1973.1

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