Edward Buckberrough1

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Edward Buckberrough|b. 15 Jan 1871\nd. 1951|p527.htm|James Coleman Buckberrough|b. 10 Jun 1824\nd. 5 Apr 1916|p118.htm|Rachel Smith|b. 20 Dec 1834\nd. 30 Aug 1901|p321.htm|George Buckberrough|b. 1 Feb 1794\nd. 14 Jan 1866|p45.htm|Sarah Coleman|b. 1795\nd. 6 Sep 1881|p40.htm|||||||
Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Edward Buckberrough was born on 15 January 1871 at Windham Twp, Norfolk County, Ontario.1 He was the son of James Coleman Buckberrough and Rachel Smith.1 He married Aggie Cranston on 4 January 1906 at Windham Twp, Norfolk County, Ontario. (notes: 014387-06 Buckborough, Edward, 35, on 17 January 1906 at Windham, born and residing Windham, bachelor, farmer, parents, parents James C. Buckborough, and Rachel Smith. Aggie Cranston, 28, residing Windham, born Onondaga, spinster, farmer's daughter, parents George Cranston and Mary Armstrong. The bride and groom were Presbyterian. Witnesses: Robert J. Cranston, Caledonia, and Laura Buckborough, Bookton.).1 He died in 1951.1 He was buried at Bookton Cemetery, Windham Twp, Norfolk County, Ontario.1 I've noticed that many of the early marriage records are neither too formal in the useage of given names nor are they careful about spellings.

In the marriage registration for Edward and Aggie (likely Agnes), Edward's surname is spelled Buckborough, as is the last name of his sister, who is a witness. The witnesses are Robert J. Cranston of Caledoniaand Laura 'Buckborough' of Bookton. The marriage registration number is 014387-06.

The source for the death dates of Edward and Agnes, plus my information about their son Stanley, comes from Reel 109 of MS451, available atThe Archives of Ontario. This is, among others, a transcription of Bookton Cemetery. It was done by the Norfolk County Branch of the OGS inOctober of 1990. Again, the spelling Buckborough is used on the grave markers.1

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Child of Edward Buckberrough and Aggie Cranston


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