John Aikman Cornell1

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John Aikman Cornell|b. 4 Feb 1878\nd. 6 Mar 1969|p555.htm|John H. Cornell|b. 2 Jun 1847\nd. 1927|p552.htm|Sarah M. Lawrason|b. 24 Aug 1849\nd. 8 Sep 1934|p375.htm|||||||James W. Lawrason|b. 10 May 1825\nd. 23 Feb 1918|p123.htm|Eunice Buckberrough|b. 18 Jan 1829\nd. 3 Jul 1916|p120.htm|
Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     John Aikman Cornell was born on 4 February 1878.1 He was the son of John H. Cornell and Sarah M. Lawrason.1 He married Bertha Grant on 21 December 1898 at Paris, Ontario. (notes: 003149-98 (Brant Co.) Aikman CORNELL, 22, farmer, S Dumfries, N Dumfries, s/o John [CORNELL] & Sarah LAWRASON, married Jane GRANT, 19, Harrisburgh, same, d/o John [GRANT] & Agnes HAMILTON, wtn: Annie GRANT of Harrisburgh & Jones CORNELL of St George on Dec 21, 1898, at Paris

It appears as though Bertha had two names, which would account for the discrepancy between the marriage registration and census information. I don't doubt that they are the same person. She is said to be living at and born in Harrisburg. I do not find the family there in the 1881 census. John and Agnes are said to have been born in Scotland according to the 1901 census. It also says that she had a sister Anne living with her parents and a cousin Alexander Grant. John Grant is said to be a railway switchman. There was a railway junction at Harrisburg,though I'm not sure if it was still there as such in 1901. The familydoes not appear at Harrisburg in the 1911 census.).1
He died on 6 March 1969 at Niagara Falls, Welland County, Ontario, at age 91.1 He was buried on 9 March 1969 at Lundy's Lane Cemetery, Stamford Twp, Welland County, Ontario.1 John Aikman Cornell appears in the 1901 census as Aikman. The dates for his family are taken from this census. There may have been more children after the census. According to the census, the Cornells lived inSouth Dumfries and he is said to be a teamster.

At the time of the death of Aikman's mother in 1934, Aikman is said to be living at Niagara-on-the-Lake. At the time of his own death in 1969, Aikman is living at 563 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

At the time of Aikman's death his obituary states that he had 27 grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild.

Aikman must have married a second time, for his wife's name is given as the late Reta Orr. Examining the obituary, there seems no doubt that he is the son of Sarah and John.

The obituary lists his surviving children and I'll list them here as at this point I do not know whether they all have the same mother.
Mrs. D. McSwain (Beatrice), Flint, Michigan;
Mrs. Jean Harris, Woodbridge, Ontario;
Mrs. Blanche Reynolds, Peterborough;
Mrs. Robert Parker (June) and Mrs. Robert Carr (Lois), both of Niagara Falls, Ontario;
Stewart Cornell, Campbell Croft, Ontario;
Jack Cornell, Woodbridge;
Gordon and William Cornell both of Brantford.1

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Children of John Aikman Cornell and Bertha Grant


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