Henrietta Moe1

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Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Henrietta Moe was born on 12 March 1865 at Windham Twp, Norfolk County, Ontario.1 She was the daughter of Henry Moe and Sarah (--?--).1 She married William James Hilliard on 11 November 1885 at Malahide Twp, Elgin County, Ontario. (notes: William and Henrietta's marriage registration, 002706-85, at MalahideTownship in Elgin Co., shows his name as William James Hilliard. Somerecords show Hillard, but Hilliard appears to be correct. Her name isshown as Nettie Moe, age 19. Her birthplace and residence is shown asMalahide. This is likely incorrect for birth place, but further research may show otherwise. She is said to be the daughter of Henry and Sarah Moe. The witnesses are Minerva Moe of Calton (possibly the wife ofher brother James, though this remains to be seen) and Annie...illegible...I can't even guess. William is said to be Presbyterian and she is said to be Baptist. The minister's name is illegible.).1 She died on 21 July 1901 at Windham Twp, Norfolk County, Ontario, at age 36.1 She was buried at Bookton Cemetery, Windham Twp, Norfolk County, Ontario.1 Henrietta is with her mother in Bayham Twp. in the 1881 census. She is said to be 15 years of age.

William and Nettie appear in the 1891 census taken at Windham, North Norfolk, and they are both shown as Presbyterian. He is 34 and she is 24. They do not show any children in the census.

Henrietta's death registration number is 019722-01. It is uninformative as to family.1

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