Eliza Smith1

ID # 666, (1870-1917)
Eliza Smith|b. 11 Apr 1870\nd. 8 Apr 1917|p666.htm|Albert Kellogg Smith|b. 5 Jan 1828\nd. 28 Apr 1903|p84.htm|Amelia Misener|b. 24 Mar 1835\nd. 22 Dec 1924|p83.htm|||||||Adam Misener|b. 20 Feb 1798\nd. 21 Sep 1901|p47.htm|Helen Coleman|b. 28 Oct 1799\nd. 16 Apr 1895|p44.htm|
Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Eliza Smith was born on 11 April 1870 at Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario.1 She was the daughter of Albert Kellogg Smith and Amelia Misener.1 She married William G. May on 25 September 1889 at Colborne Twp, Huron County, Ontario. (notes: 005502-89 (Huron Co) William MAY, 24, farmer, Ashfield Twp, same, s/oGeo. MAY & Jane MATHEWS married Eliza SMITH, 20, Beverly Twp Wentworth Co, Colborne, d/o Albert & Amelia SMITH. Wit Samuel SHEPPERD and Bertie SMITH, res. not stated. September 25, 1889, at Colborne.

The name of the second witness is illegibly written. The transcription has it as Rita, but an examination of the microfilm of the registration shows that it is more likely Bertie. She will be Eliza's sister Alberta.).1
She died on 8 April 1917 at 334 Albert St., Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma District, Ontario, at age 46.1 She was buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma District, Ontario.1 The family is at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, in the 1901 census. Of course, Eliza's sister Phoebe Bricknell is there as well.

Eliza's death registration number is 007389-17. She died of liver disease and heart failure. She was attended by Dr. C. O. Desorcey.1

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Children of Eliza Smith and William G. May


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