Malcolm J. Vrooman

ID # 788, (1862-1937)
FatherJames Vrooman (1831-1926)
MotherCatherine Munro (1839-1926)
BirthMalcolm J. Vrooman was born on 12 October 1862 at Troy, Beverly Township, Wentworth County. 
DeathHe died on 20 September 1937 at Paris, Brant County, Ontario, at age 74. 
BurialHe was buried on 22 September 1937 at Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg, Ontario. 
NoteDeath reg. 009507-37 Paris, Brant County
Malcolm James Vrooman died Sept. 20, 1937. Age 76, married. Born Troy, Ontario, on October 12, 1836 (apparent typo), storekeeper. Married to Mrs. Malcolm Vrooman. Parents James Vrooman, born Holland (?) and Catherine Monroe, place of birth unknown. Informant wife (a signature was evidently applied to the form, but it is illegible), residence Paris. Burial September 22, 1937, at Harrisburg. 
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