Daniel Coleman

ID # 79, (1816-1865)
FatherWilliam Coleman (1792-1873)
MotherCatherine Jones (1798-1860)
BirthDaniel Coleman was born on 13 June 1816 at Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario. 
MarriageHe married Mary Able, daughter of David Able and Mary Dineen
DeathHe died on 22 February 1865 at Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario, at age 48. 
BurialHe was buried at Troy Cemetery. 
NoteThe dates used for Dan and Mary's births and deaths are from Harley Misener's 1969 transcription of Troy Cemetery, which are believed to be close or accurate, though it is suspected that in the case of Dan's stone, Harley may be working from other sources for, from my own recollection, the stone has been in near unreadable condition from at least the early 1960s.

GS1422 Vol. A, transaction 139, is for the transfer of property from William and Catherine Coleman to Daniel Coleman. It is for 50 acres, the N.E. part of the south half of C4-L5, Beverly Township, which William had purchased a few years earlier. 

Children of Daniel Coleman and Mary Able

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