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Henry Moe|b. 1834|p8.htm|Henry Moe|d. 22 Oct 1839|p1.htm|Teressa M. Coleman|b. 18 Feb 1802\nd. 16 Sep 1894|p2.htm|||||||John Coleman|b. 1760\nd. 5 Oct 1844|p33.htm|Elizabeth Lawrason|b. 1769\nd. 24 May 1845|p34.htm|
Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Henry Moe was born in 1834.1 He was the son of Henry Moe and Teressa M. Coleman.1 He married Sarah (--?--).1 Henry is in Bayham Twp. in the 1871 census. Henry is not in the 1881 Canadian census. His wife Sarah is there with their children, so it would appear that Henry was deceased by that time. I'm still looking for their burial record. There is some small evidence, yet to be investigated, that Henry Moe Jr. may have gone westand taken up a Western Land Grant. If this is the case, he may well have died in the west and no record has yet been found.

I have checked the death indexes at The Archives to as late as 1919 without find a death registration for Henry.

In 1855, in memorial 594, relating to the sale of Henry Moe Sr.'s Beverly lands, Henry Jr. is described as keeping a livery stable in Berlin. In this, he is likely working with John Wesley Moe. The stable may well have been owned by Samuel Wait. Since the other siblings' spousesare mentioned and Sarah isn't mentioned here, it would appear that Henry Jr. was not yet married.1

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Children of Henry Moe and Sarah (--?--)


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