Wyatt Person

ID # 823, (1886-)
BirthWyatt Person was born in 1886. 
MarriageHe married Oakel Buckberrough, daughter of George W. Buckberrough and Edith Malcolm, on 22 September 1909 at Woodhouse Twp., Norfolk County; Mrge reg. 015309-09 Woodshouse Twp., Norfolk Co.
Wyatt Person, 23, bachelor, farmer, Methodist, residing Woodhouse. Parents William Person and Catherine Butler.
'Dokie' Buckberrough, 15, spinster, housekeeper, Methodist. Residing Woodhouse. Parents George Buckberrough and Edith 'Malcomb'
On 22 September, 1909, Woodhouse, by J.W. Kitching. License.
Witnesses Mr. F. Butler and Elsie Person, both of Marburg. 
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