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Amelia Misener|b. 24 Mar 1835\nd. 22 Dec 1924|p83.htm|Adam Misener|b. 20 Feb 1798\nd. 21 Sep 1901|p47.htm|Helen Coleman|b. 28 Oct 1799\nd. 16 Apr 1895|p44.htm|||||||John Coleman|b. 1760\nd. 5 Oct 1844|p33.htm|Elizabeth Lawrason|b. 1769\nd. 24 May 1845|p34.htm|
Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Amelia Misener was born on 24 March 1835 at Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario.1 She was the daughter of Adam Misener and Helen Coleman.1 She married Albert Kellogg Smith on 6 February 1851.1 She died on 22 December 1924 at Toronto, York County, Ontario, at age 89.1 She was buried on 24 December 1924 at Dungannon Cemetery, Ashfield Twp, Huron County, Ontario.1 The Misener Family Tree, per Connie Duke, says that Amelia Misener was born around 1831. The 1901 census dates her birth to 1835.
There's a great story about her marriage to Albert Smith.
It seems that Albert was lame and Adam Misener didn't think him a fitchoice for his daughter. Amelia thought otherwise. She proceeded quietly with her wedding plans. A neighbour was making a wedding dress andfinally, on the day, brought it to Amelia. She tried it on at once, then began to nonchalantly walk out of this house with it over her arm.Adam twigged. He was up out of his chair and after her. Albert was waiting at the end of the lane with the horse and buggy. They were out of there like a shot. Adam had to hitch up the horse and buggy to chase them. When they got to the church they told the minister that therewas some urgency and Amelia was married with her wedding dress over her arm. By the time Adam got there they were married.

Albert's disability may have been rather severe. John Cornell's book, Pioneers of Beverly, has a chapter entitled The Copetown Letter. In it, he shows an actual letter from R.M Cope of Axtell, Nebraska, and Cope is talking about a school teacher, Mrs. Holcomb. He mentions a young man who was crippled and walked on crutches, one Albert Smith, believed in 1888 to be still living in Beverly. (By 1881, Albert was actually in Huron County.) Albert had attended Mrs. Holcomb's school, but his family moved to a farm that was farther away and made his attendance at the school impossible. Mrs. Holcomb's husband had a number of horses and she prevailed upon him to loan Albert a pony so that he might ride to her school. This he did for the entire summer. Cope does not date the era of Mrs. Holcomb's school, but it was quite some years previous.

Amelia's son Judson Smith married Lucinda Coleman, daughter of Dan Coleman, Amelia's cousin. Judson and Lucinda were distant cousins.

For some reason, in the 1861 census taken at Beverly Township Sabrina, Judson and Helen are in the household of a John and Jane Bray. Johnis a farmer in Beverly.

Amelia was still alive on December 24, 1916, when at age 80 she crossed the border into the United States at Port Huron, destination Bay City, Michigan. While the form isn't clear, she may have been accompanied by a daughter. She gives her birth year as 1836. She is destined to stay with daughter Sabrina Warner.

A death registration for Amelia has been found. The informant was Phoebe Bricknell, her daughter, who was living in Toronto and Amelia was evidently living with her.

007139-24 Toronto, York Co. Amelia Smith, 25 Constance St., age 88, born in Ontario on 24 Feb. 1836. Residing at place of death 6 years. Father Adam Misener, born Penn, USA, mother Helen Coleman. Informant Phoebe Bricknell, 25 Constance, daughter. Date of death December 22, 1924, date of burial December 24, 1924, at Dungannon, Ontario.

The place of burial is likely correct, though no transcription has been found of a stone for Amelia.1

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Children of Amelia Misener and Albert Kellogg Smith


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