Nelson Vrooman Unger

ID # 856, (1856-)
FatherJoseph Unger (1828-1861)
MotherGeraldine Vrooman (1836-1920)
BirthNelson Vrooman Unger was born on 24 June 1856 at Berlin, Ontario. 
NoteA birth notice, which appears to be for Nelson, appears in the Berliner Journal for June 25, 1856. It reads:
Unger, Joseph H. 24 June 1856. At Berlin, on the 24th instant, the wife of Mr. Joseph H. Unger, of a son.

Since Nelson appears in the 1871 census with his age given as 14, and since this would have been his age as of last birthday, and since the 1871 census was done with an 'as of' date of April 2, 1871, this would make his birth year 1856.

Nelson Vrooman Unger is present with his parents and his sister Margaret in the 1861 census in Beverly Township. In 1871, he and Margaret are with their grandparents, Nelson and Rachel Vrooman at Harrisburg in South Dumfries. And that is the last we see of him. He has not been found in later census years in either Canada or the United States. No death marriage or death registration has been found.

To update the above paragraph, a Harrisburg village lot was granted to Nelson Unger when he was two years of age by his grandfather Nelson Vrooman. The interest on the proceeds of the lot were to be paid to his mother until he reached age of majority. What transpired isn't clear, but it appears that the lot defaulted to his mother. 
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