Margaret Unger1

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Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Margaret Unger was born on 6 June 1860.1 She was the daughter of Joseph Unger and Geraldine Vrooman.1 She married Thomas C. Greenwood on 29 April 1899 at Toronto, York County, Ontario. (notes: 002053-99 Greenwood, Thos. Cooper, age 29, residence Toronto, born England, Journalist, son of George Greenwood and Sarah Ann, married Unger, Margaret, age 29, Toronto, born Ontario, daughter of Joseph Unger and Geraldine. Witnesses were Ethel B. Simpson of Toronto and Georgina A. Droughall of Toronto. Married by C.J. Droughall. They were married April 29, 1899. He is described as a bachelor and she as a spinster.

Margaret's real age was approximately 39 at the time of her marriage.).1
She died on 8 September 1943 at 5 Westmorland Ave., Toronto, York County, Ontario, at age 83.1 She was buried on 10 September 1943 at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, York County, Ontario.1 Margaret was with the Vroomans in Harrisburg at the time of the 1871 census. In 1881 she was in Guelph with her aunts, Teressa Galer and Sabrina Bookless, and they all lived at the Royal Hotel, according to city directories of the day.

At the time of the 1901 census, Margaret is married to Thomas Greenwood. He is said to have come from England in 1894. They are both described as being Church of England. Her birth date is given as June 6, 1866. This is closer to the truth than her age as it appears on her marriage registration, but, given that her age is said to be 11 at the timeof the 1871 census, and the fact that she appeared in her father's will (he died in 1861), I have entered her birth year as 1860. I take the day and month from the 1901 census.

At the time of the 1911 census Margaret describes herself as a widow.I haven't been able to find Thomas's death registration.

Margaret's will, Nbr. 2881, under letters of administration with willannexed, is an unhappy commentary. It wasn't filed until January 27, 1944, some months after her death. She had written the will by hand in1938 and had it witnessed. Then some years later she blocked out the name of a beneficiary and wrote a short note underneath that the person was not to receive any benefit from her estate. The witnesses couldonly attest to the original state of the will. The person acting as administrator wasn't one of the witnesses to the will and who knew Margaret's burial wish, at this point, is impossible to say. She wanted tobe buried beside her mother at Harrisburg. In the event, she was buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery. No stone was erected.

The administrator processed the will as it was originally written. The handwriting at the bottom of the will, as seen on the photocopy, isunquestionably Margaret's.

The will does not mention Margaret's maiden name of Unger, though it certainly mentions Vrooman cousins. When her mother's death registration was filed by the doctor, I have to guess that he made an assumptionand entered Margaret's name as Ellington on the line for informant. Reading her will and her marriage registration, which does give her maiden name of Unger, I believe it is now safe to say that the Margaret Greenwood who died in 1943 was Margaret Unger.1

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