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Descendants of John Coleman & Elizabeth Lawrason
     Sabrina Moe was born in 1824 at Dumfries Twp, Gore District, Canada West.1 She was the daughter of Henry Moe and Teressa M. Coleman.1 She married James Blackburn in 1840.1 The birth years for Sabrina and her family are taken from the 1851 census, taken at Chatham Town.

Sabrina is mentioned, along with her siblings, in Dorothy Radoff's letter written in the 1970s to a historical society in Wentworth County.For a time, there seemed to be no other record of her existence. Thena marriage record for Kent County was found dated January 1, 1867. Itwas the marriage of Nettie Blackburn and Edwin Marson. The witnesses were Flora Evans, daughter of Israel Evans and Minerva Jane Moe, and Edward Roche, the future husband of Flora. The name of Nettie's mother was given as Salina. It looked as though Salina could be Sabrina Moe. The 1851 census at Chatham Town was found, but, beyond giving details of age and religion and confirming her name as Sabrina, it did little to prove the case. A family tree was found online which gave Sabrina'smaiden name as Moore.

As it turned out, the Blackburns were married in 1840 by license and they appear in Marriage Bonds of Lower and Upper Canada, bond number 7629, microfilm reel C-6790, date 1840-01-20 (the date of the bond.) The bond gave James's place of residence as Chatham and Sabrina's as Dumfries Township. It does give her name as Sabrina Moore, but one of the signatories is Nelson Vrooman, Sabrina Moe's uncle by marriage. There are Moores and Mores in Beverly and Dumfries for the time frame, but I now feel certain that Sabrina Blackburn was Sabrina Moe. The factthat Flora Evans, presumeably Sabrina's niece was a witness at NettieBlackburn's marriage, the fact that Nettie's proper name was Henrietta and that Sabrina's father was Henry and that she had a sister Henrietta, and the fact that her uncle signed the marriage bond, makes me satisfied that this isn't a Sabrina Moore, but Sabrina Moe.

I haven't been able to find James, or Sabrina, or Nettie in the 1861 or 1871 census, nor in U.S. censuses for the time period, but Sabrina Blackburn does show up in the 1880 census at Detroit. She is living inthe home of Alonzo and Nettie Williams. Evidently, Nettie's first husband is deceased and she has remarried. They appear in the Detroit City directories from 1878 until 1883. Sabrina is said to be the widow of James. They are at 159 12th Street.

More information as to the identity of Sabrina Blackburn has been uncovered. The 1851 census does place Husted Moe, brother of Minerva JaneEvans and supposed brother of Sabrina Blackburn, in Chatham, Ontario.The land grant index for Chatham town, page 236, lot 18, block I, shows transfer of property from James Blackburn to Husted Moe and a Richard...possibily Paxton on July 14th, 1857. Two years later, on March 8,1859, Husted transfers the property to Sabrina Blackburn.

In 1855, Sabrina and her husband James are in Chatham and he is a merchant, according to memorial 594, which is a document relating to the sale of Henry Moe's Beverly lands by his executors, Admiral Nelson Vrooman and Adam Misener.

Husted may not have actually been living in Chatham in 1859. He is atOwen Sound for the 1871 census (the online index transcribes his nameas Moi). He did have two sisters in Chatham, however, so a visit for both business and family purposes would been normal, even in those days.

Since Sabrina and James do not appear at Chatham in the 1861 census it's entirely possible that they weren't living in Chatham at the time of the land transfer transactions.

A land transaction registered in 1859 at Chatham recording sale of a property by James and Sabrina Blackburn of Chatham to Husted Moe of Berlin would seem to confirm the relationship between Sabrina and Husted, especially when one of the signatories was Samuel Wait, administrator. Samuel was the step father of Sabrina and Husted.

Sabrina was back in Ontario and living in Chatham at the time of the 1891 census.1

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Child of Sabrina Moe and James Blackburn


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