John Hunter

ID # 923, (1839-)
BirthJohn Hunter was born in 1839 at Jersey. 
MarriageHe married Geraldine Vrooman, daughter of Admiral Nelson Vrooman and Rachel Coleman, on 28 November 1866 at Dundas, Wentworth County; MS248 reel 17, Vol. 92. Page 171
Wentworth Co,

Marriage performed by Rev. F. L. Osler, Church of England

John Hunter, 27, born Jersey, residing Harrisburgh. Parents Jno. Hunter and Eliz Carey.
Geraldine Anger (Unger) '52', born Dumfries, residing Harrisburg. Parents Nelson Vroomand and Rachel Coleman.
Witnesses Sarah Bell and Jas. Bell, both of Dundas.
On Nov. 28th, 1866.

The county clerk will have had trouble with the clergyman's handwriting. Geraldine's surname was Unger at the time of this marriage. The clerk has written Anger. He has also clearly written 52 for her age when her real age was closer to 30. Also, the witnesses - both had the surname Bell and the first one is clearly written as Sarah, but the second is almost certainly an abbreviation and Jas. for James is as good a guess as any.

The best we can say is that the marriage was held in Wentworth County. Exact locations are rarely given in the county marriage registers. Since, however, the witnesses reside Dundas it may well be that this was where they were married.

A note here: The full name of the clergyman was Featherstone Lake Osler. He was a minister at Dundas for many years and at the time of the marriage of John Hunter and Geraldine Vrooman Unger. 
NoteTo this point, no death date for John Hunter has been found, nor is it known where he is buried. 
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