John Morley Gerrard

ID # 940, (1901-1969)
FatherJohn Wells Gerrard (1869-1946)
MotherAlta Main (1871-1951)
BirthJohn Morley Gerrard was born on 10 May 1901 at Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario. 
MarriageHe married Marjorie L. Scadding on 21 April 1924 at Galt, Ontario; 020243-24 Galt, Waterloo Co. Morley Gerrard, bachelor, age 22, occupation 'Bell Telephone'. Methodist. Residing Galt, born Beverly. Parents John Gerrard and Alta Main. Father of Morley born in Ontario. Marjorie Scadding, age 19, age 19, spinster, residing Galt, born Buffalo, N.Y. Anglican. Parents Frederich Scadding and Mary Langham. Witnesses Gordon Kilpatrick and Vera Knox, both of Galt. Clergyman W.H. Snelgrove, Galt, Church of England. On 21 April 1924 at Galt. 
DeathHe died in 1969. 
BurialHe was buried at Mountview Cemetery, Galt. 
NoteThe image of the birth registration for John Morley Gerrard available for the moment is partial. It shows that he was born on 10 May 1901 and that his parents were Alta Main and John Gerrard. The only page header available shows the birth to be in Wentworth County, but the handwriting is unmistakably that of Wallace McDonald, clerk of the township of Beverly, so it is safe to say that he was born in Beverly Twp.

Death information for Morley is taken from his stone at section 8 at Mountview Cemetery in Galt. Marjorie's birth year was cut on the stone at the time of transcription, but not her death year. 
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