Byron Dodge1

M, ID# 3429, (1854-1857)
Byron Dodge|b. 1854\nd. 17 May 1857|p3429.htm|Leonard Pulsepher Dodge|b. 1 Nov 1807\nd. 19 Feb 1888|p3338.htm|Mary Coleman|b. 1819\nd. 1897|p3292.htm|||||||William Coleman|d. 7 May 1873|p1172.htm|Catherine Jones|b. 31 Aug 1798\nd. 13 Nov 1860|p566.htm|

2nd great-grandson of James Jones.
2nd cousin 3 times removed of Faye Louise Doyle.
Descendants of James Jones & Christianah Folk
Descendants of Catherine Jones & William Coleman
     Byron Dodge was born in 1854.1 He was the son of Leonard Pulsepher Dodge and Mary Coleman.1 He died on 17 May 1857 at Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario.1 He was buried at Troy Cemetery, Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario.1

Byron Dodge may have been the son of Rufus and Mary Ann (Jones) Dodge. There is little evidence for either premise. I have assumed that Byron is the son of Rufus and Mary Ann because he is buried beside their other children and because his birth date fits nicely with those of their other children.

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