Aletha Beryl Misener1

F, ID# 4767, (1888-)
Aletha Beryl Misener|b. 24 Aug 1888|p4767.htm|Fred Misener|b. 31 Oct 1866\nd. 10 Jun 1946|p3014.htm|Edna Elizabeth Jones|b. 5 Aug 1868\nd. 2 Sep 1953|p2951.htm|Walter Misener|b. c 1838\nd. 30 Sep 1897||Deborah J. Sager|b. c 10 Jul 1841\nd. 10 Jul 1910||Andrew J. Jones|b. 17 Dec 1826\nd. 7 May 1893|p554.htm|Mary D. Mann|b. 1832\nd. 18 Apr 1912|p1183.htm|

3rd great-granddaughter of James Jones.
2nd cousin 2 times removed of Faye Louise Doyle.
Descendants of James Jones & Christianah Folk
Descendants of James Jones & Hannah Goodale
      Aletha Beryl Misener was born on 24 August 1888 at Beverly Twp, Wentworth County, Ontario.1,2 She was the daughter of Fred Misener and Edna Elizabeth Jones.1 She married (--?--) Boyle.1

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