William Randal Broder

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William Randal Broder||p481.htm|Stanley Robert Broder|b. 8 Oct 1928\nd. 27 Sep 1989|p169.htm|Edna May McLeod||p478.htm|Robert R. Broder|b. 16 Nov 1887\nd. 31 Oct 1956|p2.htm|Violet F. Jones|b. 13 Mar 1896\nd. 12 Sep 1988|p111.htm|Hugh A. McLeod|b. 25 Apr 1881\nd. 17 Aug 1951||Ethel S. Cooper|b. 7 Jan 1892\nd. 7 Aug 1972||

5th great-grandson of James Jones.
1st cousin of Faye Louise Doyle.
Descendants of James Jones & Christianah Folk
Descendants of James Jones & Hannah Goodale
     William Randal Broder is the son of Stanley Robert Broder and Edna May McLeod. He married Patricia Somerset on 21 August 1982 at Victoria, British Columbia.1 He and Patricia Somerset were divorced.

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Children of William Randal Broder and Patricia Somerset


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