Lucy Weston

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     Lucy Weston was the daughter of Francis Weston and Margaret (--?--). She married John Pease, son of Robert Pease and Margaret King, about 1629.

Francis Weston, Lucy's father, an early settler in Salem, was originally a friend and supporter of Roger Williams, whom he followed in exile to Rhode Island. His second wife, Margaret, was a follower of Samuel Gorton, as became her husband and daughter Lucy. All were condemned by the local authorities at Salem and eventually banished to Rhode Island. Banks contends that Margaret later "became of hopelessly unsound mind." This was the environment in which Banks cuts Pease some slack in his "forcible repression" of his mother-in-law, saying that "Doubtless she deserved forcible repression, and invited it by her actions." ( ref:

According to the Massachusetts Colonial Records, II, 50, Lucy recanted her 'heretical views' on 17 October 1643.
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