John Doggett

ID# 969, (1602-1673)
7th great-grandfather of June Hall
Ancestors of June Hall West
     John Doggett was born on 4 October 1602 in Boxford, Suffolk, England.1 He was the son of William Doggett and Avis (Alice) Lappage.1 He was baptized on 4 November 1602 in Boxford.1 He married first Hepzibah (Alice) Brotherton on 29 August 1627.1 He married second Bathsheba Pratt about 1664. He died on 4 July 1673 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, at age 70.1

"John was one of the many Puritans who came to this country as part of Governor Winthrop's contingent of 1630, settling first in Boston, then Charlestown and Watertown. In Watertown he befriended the young and enterprising Thomas Mayhew, for in 1641 he was one of the original five proprietors of Mayhew's newly purchased 'estate' of Martha's Vineyard. He evidently took up residence in Reheboth briefly before moving to the island between 1648 and 1652. There his friendship with the governor was renewed. His homelot, detailed by his son in 1668, was the house directly south of the Governor's, and he was appointed assistant to the chief magistrate of the Island (Governor Mayhew).

"Things didn't fare so well between the two in the latter part of the decade, however, for the governor got angry with John for purchasing some land from the Indians without his permission, Mayhew claiming that he didn't have title to that land in the first place. John won the dispute, but to smooth ruffled feathers consented to a curious 'submission' to the authority of the governor that Thomas was demanding of the people of the island to consolidate his authority. Things were never the same again, and in 1665 John left the island to settle in Plymouth, where he remarried, his wife of 30 some years having died in this decade. John died at the age of 70 after six years of marriage to Bathsheba Pratt."1

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Children of John Doggett and Hepzibah (Alice) Brotherton


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