This site documents a number of families from Beverly Township, Dumfries Township, Oxford County, and the Niagara District in Ontario. It is a greatly expanded version of the Coleman/Jones pages that originally appeared here.  Some of the families featured are: Coleman, Lawrason, Misener, Buchanan, and Vrooman. Also included are surnames: Badger, Himes, Corson, Jones, Abel, and Harvie, along with the hundreds of people who are related to one of these famiies in one way or another.

The data was contributed by Robert Coleman, a third-great-grandson of William and Catherine (Jones) Coleman. His sources are generally included as a Note entry; sources for marriages may be attached to the Marriage entry.

Use of the site:

Throughout this site, you can use the menu buttons at the top or left side of the screen to navigate to different sections. Either the index or chart pages will provide access to detailed information on individual family members: just click on any blue or underlined name to see the person's narrative.