James Vrooman

ID # 1312, (1820-1868)
FatherArents Schuyler Depeyster Vrooman (1789-)
MotherMary Douglas (1792-1858)
BirthJames Vrooman was born on 25 February 1820. 
MarriageHe married Eliza Smith in 1840.
The 1861 census shows James and Eliza in Garafraxa Township. The form tells that they were married in 1840. Considering that their so far known first born came along in approximately 1842, this is probably correct. They were almost certainly married in the Gore District, but the known and available Gore District Marriage Register begins in 1843. (It is believed a previous one existed, but that it is lost to us.)
DeathHe died on 8 May 1868 at age 48. 
BurialHe was buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery, West Garafraxa Twp.. 
NotePer a transcription of James' gravestone in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, West Garafraxa, James died in 1868.

There are problems with the names of some of the children of James and Eliza as they appear in the 1861 and 1871 censuses taken in Garafraxa. Since the problem names are for children of an age to straddle both censuses, the difficulties are likely occasioned by the children receiving two given names and so some logic has been applied as to how they appear in this tree. There is room for error, however, for the most part, they are likely correct as shown.

The 1861 census shows a son Emory, age 5. He is almost certainly Emerson Vrooman who appears in the 1871 census as being with George and Clarissa Main in Beverly. By the time of the 1881 census, Emerson has moved on and is residing with Peter and Lucinda Drake. Lucinda is Emerson's aunt. Peter and Lucinda were childless and there may have been a sort of informal adoption. Tragically, Emerson died young.

The marriage of James Vrooman and Eliza Smith, in 1840, predates by two years the move of the Vrooman family to Garafraxa Township in Wellington County. It appears that Eliza's family were still in Ancaster Township as of this date. The exact location has not been researched, but Eliza's mother was said to have been buried in Lynden Cemetery and so they were not likely located far from the Vroomans who were on lot 4 of the 1st concession of Beverly. 

Children of James Vrooman and Eliza Smith

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