Alva Lavina Himes

ID # 2394, (1893-1910)
FatherJohn James Himes (1869-1941)
MotherNellie Godfrey (1874-1939)
BirthAlva Lavina Himes was born on 14 August 1893 at Galt, Ont.. 
DeathShe died on 14 May 1910 at Chalmers Street, Galt, at age 16. 
BurialShe was buried at Mountview Cemetery. 
NoteBirth reg. 035292-93 Galt, Waterloo Co.
Alva Lavina Himes born 14 August, 1893. Parents John Himes Jr., core maker, and Nelly Godfrey. Informant John Himes Jr., Galt.

Death reg. 030778-10 Galt, Waterloo Co.
Alva Levina Himes died May 14, 1910. Born Born Aug. 14, 1893. Age 17. Place of death Chalmers St., Galt. Parents John Himes born London, England, and Nelly Godfrey born Galt. Attended by Dr. MacKendrick. Certified by John Himes.

Alva was the oldest of her generation of the Himes grandchildren. Her brother Norm Himes became a famous professional hockey player and her brother George was also a fine hockey player, but it was said by her cousins that Alva was the natural athlete of the family and that she could play a marvelous game of hockey. 
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