Robert Lawrason

ID # 2795, (1801-1883)
FatherMiller Lawrason (1768-1847)
MotherElizabeth Purvis (1770-1834)
BirthRobert Lawrason was born in 1801. 
MarriageHe married Harriet Babcock
MarriageHe married Margaret Carson
DeathHe died on 14 June 1883 at Bliss, Michigan. 
NoteBefore beginning our notes for Robert Lawrason, it should be said that in large measure we are dependent, going back to such sources as we have, on the chart drawn by Stuart Lawrason of Hamilton, Ontario, in 1929. I am grateful for a copy of this, sent to me by Delores MacIntyre, the author of Some Records of the Lawrason Family. See pages 63 and 64 for her notes on Robert Lawrason, son of Miller Lawrason.

Stuart Lawrason makes no mention of the wives of Robert Lawrason Sr. Past that, he provides a list of children and their spouses and, so far as can be confirmed, this stands up well. We may reasonably list Robert Lawrason Sr. among the children of Miller and Elizabeth Lawrason, and, mostly, document the children of Robert Lawrason Sr. and his two wives.

That Robert Lawrason married twice, we may now safely say. U.S. census information from 1860 on identifies wife Harriett, and their son Alonzo's marriage registration (evidently a second marriage) provides her maiden name as Babcock. Robert's first marriage provides us with rather more difficulty, but, based on the death registration of daughter Anna, his first wife was Margaret Carson. Based on the marriage of son Wilder Main, it is tempting to say that the first husband of Harriet Babcock was William Main, which is not correct, but see notes for Harriet.

The 1851 every-person census for Beverly Township in Canada West (Ontario), for the most part, has not survived. What has survived is the agricultural census for Beverly. This shows the name of heads of households and relates them to a particular lot number on a given concession. It may be noted that the head of household shown is not necessarily the property owner; nor is it a given that they are the tenant. Either is possible. For our purposes and for the time being all that we may say is that Robert Lawrason is shown with lot 2 on the second concession of Beverly.

At the time of the 1860 U.S. census, Robert and Harriet are in Dryden Township, Lapeer County, Michigan. Robert 'Lorrison' is shown as 69 and a laborer; Harriet's age is 59. With them are Wilder Main, 22, a laborer, and, interestingly enough, the only one shown with an estate of notable value. Also with them is Alonzo Lorrison, age 16, laborer. The entire family is shown as born in Canada.

Both Wilder Main and Alonzo Lawrason served in the Union Army and survived the Civil War.

According to the above mentioned sources, the children of Robert Lawrason and Margaret Carson were Robert D. Lawrason, Purvis Miller, Anna and (apparently) Hannah.

Robert Lawrason Jr. is said to have married Amanda Sexton. They appear in the 1870 census at Cascade, Kent Co., Michigan.

Anna, or Ann, married Absalom Muma.

Anna is buried with Absalom in Ayr Cemetery in North Dumfries Township and a transcription of her stone done by the Waterloo Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society shows her maiden name as Lawrason. Anna died on May 27, 1909, in Blenheim Township, and her death registration shows her father's name as Robert Laurason, born Beverly Township. Her mother's name is given as Margaret Carson, born St. George.

According to Stuart Lawrason's chart, Robert Lawrason Sr. also had a daughter Hannah. She in turn is said to have had a daughter Anna Louise who married George Henry Losee of Burgessville in Oxford County. Some information has been found to support this, but there is much that remains to be sorted out, for which reason Hannah has not as yet been entered into this tree. 

Child of Robert Lawrason and Harriet Babcock

Children of Robert Lawrason and Margaret Carson

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