Lavinia Lawrason

ID # 2797, (1803-1836)
FatherMiller Lawrason (1768-1847)
MotherElizabeth Purvis (1770-1834)
BirthLavinia Lawrason was born in 1803. 
MarriageShe married Robert Keefer on 26 December 1826. 
DeathShe died on 4 June 1836. 
NoteSee notes for Lavinia's mother, Elizabeth Purvis Lawrason, which quote the 1848 letter to Pardee & Garvy at Sarnia. Lavinia's place in the family is stated in this letter. We may expand on this with the information provided by Alexander Dingwal Fordyce of Fergus, Ontario. In addition to this, we also have on page 65 of Delores MacIntyre's Lawrason history book, three brief but informative paragraphs about Lavinia.

The Lawrason book states that Lavinia was born around 1803 or '04; that she died June 4, 1836, and that she married Robert Keefer on 26 December, 1826. Mrs. MacIntyre quotes Ontarian Families, E.M. Chadwick, 1894, reprinted by Hunterdon House, 1970. It tells that Robert Keefer, son of Jacob and Jerusha Keefer, was born 12 December, 1808, died 31 July, 1834, South Dumfries, married 26 December,1826, Lavinia, daughter of Miller Lawrason of South Dumfries and his wife Elizabeth Purves. Lavinia died 04 June, 1836. They had two sons, Jacob Lawrason Keefer and Nelson Keefer.

For information provided by Alexander Dingwall Fordyce, see notes for Robert Keefer, Lavinia's husband.

The Fordyce book is a source for our information for Lavinia's two sons. 

Children of Lavinia Lawrason and Robert Keefer

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