Wilder Main

ID # 3050, (1838-)
FatherWilliam Main
MotherHarriet Babcock (1801-1873)
BirthWilder Main was born in 1838 at Canada. 
NoteOn January 16, 1901, at Reed City, Wilder Main, age 61, once previously married, married Eliza Van Every, age 60, place of birth and parentage not given. Wilder Main's parents are shown as Wm. Main and H. Babcock.

On October 3, 1905, at Durand, Shiawassee County, Wilder Main, age age 66, twice previously married, married Worth Fenner, age 60. Wilder is shown as being born in Canada and his parents are shown as Wm. Main, and Harriet Babcock.

Wilder's first wife was Mary, possibly Horey or Hover.

The point here is that Wilder shows his parents as Wm. Main (William being abbreviated) and H. Babcock in one record and Harriet Babcock in the other.

Refer to notes under Harriet. 
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