Nicholas Misener

ID # 3513, (1760-1849)
BirthNicholas Misener was born in 1760. 
MarriageHe married Jane McClain
DeathHe died on 21 January 1849. 
BurialHe was buried at Young-Misener Family Cemetery, Crowland Twp.. 
NoteThis history and genealogy of the descendants of Nicholas Misener and Jane McLean is in no way intended to be exhaustive. The following sources are used and while we must believe that, to a degree, they provide us with some accuracy, other sources do provide a fair degree of confirmation.

They are:

A transcription of Troy Cemetery by the Hamilton Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society done in 1990;

A transcription of Young - Misener Family Cemetery done in 1997 by the Niagara Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. See publication OGS #4629;

A History of the People of Troy, 1947, compiled by The Women's Institute of Troy, Ontario;

Connie Duke's Misener web pages;

The 1861 census at Beverly Township;

The Dr W. G. Reive Collection: Cemeteries and Graves in Nigara, by Douglas A. Robbins, February 1991;

and more extensively, an assemblage of papers that was apparently put together by Harley Misener in Brantford in 1953. This includes a copy of a family tree apparently worked out by Harley Misener of Brantford. Part of this is a reprint from The Dundas Banner, year of 1895 only given, the article in question being The History of the Misener Family. The article includes extensive information about Adam Misener of Troy and the accompanying tree has at least the appearance of originating with him. (Some of the apparent Dundas Banner article may be an add-on.) This will be referred to in general as the Harley Misener papers or as the Dundas Banner reprint.

Page 25 of the 1947 Troy History covers the Misener tree and deals mainly with the three sons of Nicholas and Jane that pioneered in Beverly Township. They were Adam, Peter, and Conrad. The Troy Cemetery transcription provides excellent information for all three and it compares well with Reive's work.

Beyond the three sons who were Beverly Pioneers, the Troy History makes mention of siblings Richard, Nicholas, Mrs. Bender, John, William and they state that there three others unnamed. This adds up to 11 children; Reive enumerates 12. The Harley Misener papers agree with Reive.

On page 386 of Robbins transcription of Reive, Dr. Reive states that his notes on the Misener family were in part from information given by Adoram Misener of Welland and taken 'from copy in old family bible.'

Reive tells of his visit of 1930 to a small cemetery near Port Robinson on the bank of the Welland Canal that had stones for Leonard Misener, 1744-1807 and his wife Barbara 1741-1821. Leonard Misener was an early immigrant to Upper Canada and Reive identifies him as a brother of Nicholas Misener. Harley Misener does mention Leonard, but does not go so far as to name him as a brother of Nicholas. Harley does name John and Jacob Misener as brothers of Nicholas. They are said to have come from New Jersey in 1790. Harley gives them one paragraph - an interesting one with some background - but he then passes to the history of Nicholas Misener and his wife Jane McClain and what follows is limited to this.

Harley Misener names the father of Nicholas Misener as Adam. 

Children of Nicholas Misener and Jane McClain

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