(--?--) Duncan

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Marriage(--?--) Duncan married Gomer Coleman, daughter of James H. Coleman and Jane Blasdell
NoteWe do not know the given name of Duncan. A grand daughter of Minetta's told the story that he was a teacher who boarded in the James Coleman household and we have no further information about him or as to what happened to him. No marriage registration has been found, and, Minetta, who was born in 1874, is shown in her grandparents' household at the time of the 1881 census as a Coleman. Considering Minetta's usage of the name Duncan in later years, we should consider that Minetta learned of her father from Gomer and that Gomer spoke well enough of him that Minetta was comfortable using his name during her life prior to her own marriage. Certainly, Minetta's maiden name is reported as Duncan on the birth registrations of her children Wilfred and Vera. 

Child of (--?--) Duncan and Gomer Coleman

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