Alexander Buchanan

ID # 4271, (1796-1888)
FatherJohn Buchanan (1773-1829)
MotherMargaret McArthur (1781-1844)
BirthAlexander Buchanan was born on 20 May 1796 at Florida, Orange County, New York. 
MarriageHe married Mary Wyllie on 27 September 1842 at First Church, Galt, Ontario.
GS2987 First Church, Galt (Presbyterian)

Nbr. 121
By license in Waterloo Sept. 27, 1842
Alexander Buchanan
Mary Wyllie, widow, both of Dumfries
Witnesses James Wyllie and William Buchanan

The record does not specify whether the marriage was in the village of Waterloo or in Waterloo Township. Considering the manner of other entries by Rev. Strang, it seems rather more likely that the marriage was held in Waterloo Township.

The witness, William Buchanan, will have been Alex's brother.

Alex Buchanan's obituary tells that Mary's maiden name was Allan.

MarriageHe married Elizabeth Leece, daughter of John Mattison Leece and Margaret (--?--).
A marriage year of 1820 for Alexander and Elizabeth is approximate, but will be close. According to the bible of Theron Buchanan, the first born of Alex and Elizabeth was John and he was born in August of 1821. Such information as is available to us suggests that Alexander arrived in Shades Mills by 1818 and no later than 1819. The Leece family was present in the township from very early days.
DeathHe died on 28 July 1888 at Galt, Waterloo Co., Ontario, at age 92. 
BurialHe was buried at Section 2, Mountview Cemetery, Galt. 
NoteHe Alexander Buchanan was born in New York State. When his parents came to the Branchton area at the invitation of Absolom Shade, he did not immediately follow. He was taking a trade as a distiller and followed one or two years later. He initially worked for Absolom Shade in Galt (Shade's Mill at the time) as a distiller .

Death reg. 017709-88 Galt, Waterloo County
Alex Buchanan Sr. died 28th July, 1888. Age 92, gentleman. Born State of New York. Cause of death infirmities of age. Dr. Lundy. Informant Alexander Buchanan Jr., gentleman, Galt. Presbyterian.

Alexander lived in the township for a number of years, in the vicinity of the village of Branchton. There he will have farmed. There is evidence that he bought and sold properties in the area. In later years, after his move to Galt where he lived in a large stone house at the south side of The Crescent, he took up contracting. Given his age at the time, he probably only made the arrangements, but a family story tells that the yellow brick houses on George Street in Galt, at the foot of The Crescent, were built by Alex.

At least the first two children of Alex and Betsy were born in Shade's Mills. Later children were born in the township. Shade's Mills did not become Galt until 1825. This per Floreen Carter in her 1986 work Ghost and Post Offices of Ontario. Ms. Carter had access to the files of the post office and finds that the post office was established in 1825 and the postmark devices were issued under the name of 'Galt'. 

Children of Alexander Buchanan and Elizabeth Leece

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