Archibald Buchanan

ID # 4280, (1822-1898)
FatherJohn Buchanan (1773-1829)
MotherMargaret McArthur (1781-1844)
BirthArchibald Buchanan was born on 20 November 1822 at Dumfries Township, Gore District, Upper Canada. 
MarriageHe married Mary McGregor on 1 May 1846 at Dumfries Township, Canada West.
MS248 reel 1, Vol. 4, pages 64 and 65 of the register.
Gore District Marriage Register

Archibald Buchanan, to Mary Mcgregor, both of Dumfries. 1 May 1846, by licence.
Wit. Anson Hemphill and Dransfield Thornton.
James Strang, Presbyterian Minister

This also appears in the marriage book for First Church, Galt, to be found on microfilm LCM-30, United Church of Canada Archives.

Nbr. 213
By License in Dumfries May 1st 1846

Archibald Buchanan
Mary McGregor, both of Dumfries
Witnesses Anson Hemphill and Dransfield Thornton.

The witness, Dransfield Thornton, was married to Susannah and is the brother-in-law of Archibald.
DeathHe died on 24 December 1898 at Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, at age 76. 
NoteThe names of Archibald and Mary's children are taken from the 1860 U.S. census at Cadiz, Wisconsin, and the 1870 U.S. census at Winslow, Illinois. Some ages are problematic. Archibald and Mary are in Galt, Waterloo County, Canada, at the time of the 1851 census. This was taken, mainly, in January of 1852. The information requested was the name of the person on the next birthday and, usually, this had the appearance of adding a year to the person. Birth information is either approximated from this or taken from burial information. Henry is with them in Galt in 1851, or 1852, and may have been born in 1847. The rest of the children through to Catherine are said to have been born in Canada, and this may be correct. Given their claimed ages, however, one or two more should have been in the 1851 census.

Actually, it is found that sons Robert and William are in the 1851 census at Galt. For whatever reason, they are with Francis and Christina Knox, both born in the U.S. Robert and William's ages are given as 3 and 2 respectively. Since Henry's age (he is with his parents) is given as 5, this works. It is possible that Francis and Christina are somehow related to Archibald and Mary, but what that relationship might be remains unknown.

Pages from Archibald's family bible are now available thanks to the generosity of a family member. They are in deteriorated condition and not all first names are readable. Such dates as we have are extracted from this source.

Census information in later years for at least some of the children rather consistently state that the family emigrated to the United States in 1856.

A family correspondent shared a quote from a newspaper clipping to do with the death of Archibald. It was no doubt sent to members of Archibald's family by one of his sisters in Galt, Ontario. There is no masthead or date shown, but the context is such that it is likely from the Dumfries Reformer. Since Archibald's death date is quoted as the 24th ult., the edition of the paper will be of the first or second week of January 1899. He is identified as the brother of Mrs. Ferguson and Mrs. Bradish and the article tells that he was buried in the family plot in Waukegan, Illinois. The actual cemetery name has not been found.

Update: Find-a-Grave shows an unreadable gravestone for Archibald in Oakwood Cemetery, Waukegan. This conflicts with Archibald's death date. The above paragraph is called into question if for no other reason that a death record for Archibald is presented with the Find-a-Grave information and it shows his year of death as 1899. That he is buried there is probably correct. The individual stones appear to be worn and unreadable from the photographs, but the base stone clearly says Buchanan. 

Children of Archibald Buchanan and Mary McGregor

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