William Scott

ID # 4488, (1787-1841)
BirthWilliam Scott was born in 1787 at Scotland. 
MarriageHe married Janet Burnet, daughter of Andrew Burnet and Isabel Nichol, on 18 December 1818 at Lyne and Megget, Peebles, Scotland.
Familysearch has a database, transcription only, entitled Scotland Marriages, 1561-1910. This is to be found on FHL microfilm 1,067,918. It tells of the marriage of William Scott and Janet Burnet on 18 Dec, 1818, at Lyne and Megget, Peebles, Scotland.

This will be the source of Mr. David Currie's research as it appears on page 4 of his work The Family History of the Scotts and Millers of Dumfries Township, HOMEPRESS, Gloucester, Ontario, 1993. Mr. Currie takes this from the Megget Parish Record for marriages. This information was gained by Mr. Currie during his visit to Scotland.
DeathHe died in 1841. 
BurialHe was buried at Section 4, Mountview Cemetery, Galt. 
NoteFor some of the background of William Scott, we draw on David S. Currie's 1993 work The Family History of the Scotts and Millers of Galt and Dumfries Township, published by HOMEPRESS, Gloucester, Ontario. Mr. Currie's effort included travel to Scotland and his research is extensive for this excellent book.

Mr. Currie in his work discusses the possibility that the parents of William Scott were John and Mary, but this is unknown with any certainty. William did name as 'overseers' of his will (executors?) his brothers James and George Scott, as well as his brother-in-law, Arthur Burnet. Charles McArthur and Arthur Burnet witnessed the will.

There was a family cemetery on the Scott farm and at the time of Mr. Currie's writing, the original gravestone for William Scott was said to be still on the Scott farm. A commemorating stone is now also at Mountview in Cambridge/Galt. William's remains may be there as well, but there seems some uncertainty on this point.

As noted, William had brothers James and George Scott. Mr. Currie found some evidence that there was also a brother Walter. A George and James Scott do appear in the 1832 census of Dumfries east of the Grand River. See MS700 reel 1.
Also, see Vital Records of Upper Canada/Canada West, Vol. 2, Pt. 2, Gore District, 1824-1869, Walker & Stratford-Devai, Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2013, page 38, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Dundas & Ancaster. This reads:

James Scott of Dumfries Twp., Carpenter, to Elizabeth Scott of Dundas.
10 Feb. 1837, Ancaster Twp., by licence.
Wit. Adam Scott and Matthew Elliott.

No sure evidence has been found, but this is probably James, brother of William. This and another record would indicate that he married a woman with the same last name. Whether she was at some remove a cousin is unknown.

James, with his first wife Elizabeth Scott, and with his second wife Susannah Rannie, or Rennie, are buried in section 1 of Mountview Cemetery, Galt.

Information about the two Marys, daughters of William and Janet, is taken from David Currie's work.

A note here to do with Charles McArthur, a witness of William's will.

Charles and wife Margaret, both age 50, appear in North Dumfries at the time of the 1851 census. With them is Lachline (Lachlan) McArthur, age 80, a widower. The manner of listing Charles and Margaret (Lachlan is listed between them) makes their marriage relationship rather ambiguous, but a transcription of the Pioneer Pergola in St. Andrew's Park in Cambridge/Galt shows a stone for a child of Charles and Margaret, so we are on safe ground relating to their marriage. A stone in the pergola commemorates Charles and another commemorates Lachlan. Charles wife, Margaret McDonald, died on March 19, 1883, and is buried in Section 3 of Mountview Cemetery in Galt. She is shown as the wife of Charles McArthur.

It's tempting to believe that Charles and Lachlan are related to the other McArthurs that trekked to Dumfries Township in 1817 - see notes under Margaret McArthur, wife of John Buchanan, but we have no definitive proof of such. Land records have yet to be examined, but, for the moment, the best we may say is that Charles and Lachlan do not appear in the 1832 census of Dumfries east of the Grand River. Charles does appear in the 1842 census in Dumfries Township. He resides on a portion of lot 7 in he 7th concession.

And for the moment, we can add little else. 

Children of William Scott and Janet Burnet

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